Funny and fabulous art at Iittala

Naivistit Iittalassa art exhibition

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Twice a year the nostalgic old school building at Iittala houses the most delightful art exhibition in Finland. Over 30 well known Finnish artists show their latest work - displaying more than 400 pieces of humorous art. The summer exhibition opens from the end of May until the end of August. The winter exhibition starts from mid-November until the New Year. The popular art exhibitions represent a vast colourful outlook on genuine Finnish humour.

The artworks in Iittala are for sale. The Gallery Shop also has a great collection of small scale sculptures, painting, cards, posters and other delightful items. A high quality art piece as a unique souvenir from Finland, a memory that keeps its value!

Naïve Art was born in France under the great wave of modernism at the end of the 19th century. It is characterized by its optimism and child-like inquisitive nature, which is free from the academic rules of traditional fine art. Typically a naïve painting depicts the bustling life of ordinary people, or charming sceneries from the sunny countryside. It also often presents heart-warming fantasy with funny animals, or dream-like imagery twisting towards surrealism. A smile is guaranteed!

Naїvists at Iittala
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