Tarttila village road

In Tarttila village road history meets present

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Tarttila village road is located quite close to the Visavuori museum. This old road presents the traveler genuine Finnish countryside and cultural landscape at its best. Tarttila road is like a miniature of Finland, agriculture, animal husbandry, gardens, summer houses and old courtyards. Along the road, you can also find old residents of renowned Finnish artists and sportsmen.

Tarttila Village has been inhabited already for thousands of years. In the early 1900s many of the houses were lived and visited by artists and poets from the famous Golden Age of Finnish art. They have left their trace on the village life and stories.

Tarttila is also still active and functioning village. The village and the surrounding areas have a lot of different events and activities. The children of the region can be found in daytime from the village school that once worked as a girlsĀ“ school.

Tarttila village road
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