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Visavuori Museum and a Finnish dream

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Every Finn has a dream: to own a house by the lake. Terrace on a quiet lake at sunset, pines and birches humming around. This dream you can see and experience most authentic in Visavuorimuseum.

Visavuori was the home and studio of sculptor Emil Wikström (1864-1942). He designed the buildings himself to this beautiful peninsula of lake Vanajavesi for more than 100 years ago. Wikström's home is typical of Nordic artists’ homes of the time, constructed from logs and featuring many “art nouveau” details. Since Finland is the country of thousand lakes, you cannot find a better place for your home and atelier than a peninsula in a beautiful lake landscape.

Emil Wikström was the first Finnish sculptor, that was seeking inspiration and motifs from Finland´s own cultural heritage and mythology.In Finland this era was called National Romanticism. Wikström and his famous artist friends supported the Finnish struggle for independence in their own artwork. They raised the Finnish landscape and the Finnish types of people to a new value.

Besides Emil Wikström´s artworks you can see in Visavuori drawings and paintings from Wikström's grandson, cartoonist Kari Suomalainen. Visavuori museum has also temporary exhibitions, a museum shop and a museum cafe.

Visavuori Museum
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