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Voipaala Manor is located by the slopes of Rapola ridge, in the middle of the spacious Sääksmäki rural area. Formerly a farm, the manor today serves as an active art centre where tourists and villagers meet year-round.

Voipaala Manor was established in the Middle Ages. The present buildings provide beautiful premises for art exhibitions and workshops. The Art Centre hosts exhibitions throughout the year. 

At Voipaala you can take a stroll in a beautiful baroque park and admire buildings from different eras. The surroundings offer scenic walking paths from one historical sight to another.

Artists, musicians and dancers have discovered the manor and the surrounding beautiful nature. They work all around the world, but they always return to the peace and quiet of Voipaala.

The Art Centre also houses a café and a museum shop.

Voipaala Art Centre
Sääksmäentie 772, 37700 Sääksmäki
+358 40 335 7071
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